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Identification of Vegetative Electro-Physiological Reactions & Compensation

The human body is a complicated self-regulating biological system which radiates weak electromagnetic oscillations with strict bio-electrical characteristics (as does everything in nature).

These oscillations (electromagnetic fields balanced between opposing forces [physiologic equilibrium]) regulate all the levels of the human organism (sub cellular, cellular, organic, systemic) and keeps it in a healthy condition.

The detection and analysis of these electromagnetic fields falls under the science of NLS-Diagnostics pioneered by Dr Vladimir Nesterov (www.nls-diagnostic.org).

The Sensitiv IMAGO (Sensitiv – “Precise”, I - “Individual”, M - “Monitoring”, A - “Anatomic”, G - “Graphical”, O - “Organs”) reads the values of these faint electromagnetic fields (electromagnetic scales [pathological processes,  causative agents and deviations of homeostasis from their own individual strict energetic spectrums]), and are subsequently analyzed and displayed graphically showing all the processes taking place in the human organism.

Disturbances to these electromagnetic scales, if any, are diagnosed (using presumptive deduction based on an extensive library of reference Etalons [disease processes]) with good results obtained in clinical trials.

It has been observed in clinical trials that using the persons own body energies BRT (temporarily invert the electromagnetic scale [disrupt  / dislodge]) and Frequency Compensation (condition the electromagnetic scale [realign / strengthen]) brings about the stimulation of the bodies defences resulting in excretion of toxins and toxic metabolic products, deactivation of infections, tissue regeneration and stimulation of restorative processes in the human organism.

Also clinical trials have shown that optionally using “Spectronosodes” (energetic preparations) using the combined influence of: light, coherent laser beams and acoustic electrical signals to enhance (re-align) or disrupt / dislodge (bacteria, viruses, parasites,  pathogens, that is, any biological agent that causes disease or illness) within the pathological processes.

Axfite staff have been trained and certified by the Alfa-MED Centre in Kiev Ukraine to train others in the use of the Sentsitiv IMAGO equipment in identification and compensating of these Electro-Physiological interactions.

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